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As our names suggests, we specialize in a variety of different sporting codes from multisport (Triathlon, Duathlon, Biathlon) Swimming, endurance running, Cycling (Road, Gravel and Mountain-bike) as well as Mountain-bike Skills coaching. Our team of hand picked coaches has first and foremost, a  passion for working with people, combined with wealth of experience in their respective fields. With more than 64 years of combined coaching and racing experience working with athletes from all over the world via TrainingPeaks. Whether you are just starting out, or fast approaching the top of your game, Coach M is your non-negotiable, go-to solution for elevating your performance and becoming the next best version of yourself. As we’d always like to say, it’s not only about the results, but the transformation…



We are as serious about who we include in our team of coaches as we are about you and your journey to achieving what you may have thought was never possible! Every member of our team has a passion for helping athletes improve and  work towards whatever your goal is! Each Coach M team member has unbelievable  experience in their respective fields and through trial (and error) gained knowledge and achieved great results. Knowledge through experience and education, combined with dedication and an never say never attitude is guaranteed to get you to your next level! We cannot wait to help you!



Experience trumps all and in saying that, our team of passionate coaches offer a wide variety of different coaching options across many different sporting disciplines. From couch to ultra-distances, beginners to the most competitive athletes – Allow us to take you to new heights and having the time of your life on this very exciting and more importantly, possible journey! All our coaching services caters for Triathlon, Duathlon, Open water swimming, Running & Cycling. Our programs are tailor made for you and monitored weekly / daily on Training Peaks. So, matter where you are in the world, we have athletes in many different countries and “our” results speaks for themselves!

  • General Once-off 12-16 week Training Plans
  • Individualized Once-off 12-16 week Training Plans
  • Personalized month to month Training Plans
  • Premium Personalized month to month Training Plans
  • Coaching Talks (Online or in person)
  • Mountain Bike Skills Coaching


Combined with our expert advice based on first-hand experience, we strive to offer our athletes industry leading equipment and training venues at great pricing. Our Coach M Partners have and always will be at the forefront in their respective fields. Offering athletes everything and more on their journey to success!




C = Coach & M = Multisport – That’s right, were a bunch of annoyingly passionate coaches – eager to help anyone who’s keen on any level to work towards their goals or even just to make some positive (active) changes in their lives’.

Athletes are go-getters, early risers and generally motivated by the idea of becoming a better version of themselves. Being an early riser, when we look at bright morning sunlight  – Without us even knowing it, this creates a cortisol spike which means we will be at our most alert and as a result, optimize our productivity during the day but also maximize the quality of our sleep at night. Hence our colour scheme – The colours of Sunrise.

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